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What is this website about?
Harold Bryant - Retired TruckerFirst, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Harold Bryant from Whitakers, North Carolina. I spent close to 5 years over the road before I really got fed up with not being with family, not being able to enjoy my new home and not feeling as healthy as I did before my truck driving career. I made the decision to get off the road and come back home. To make a long story short, I ended up driving locally for IBC (Merita Bakery) out of Rocky Mount, NC while searching for a legitimate online home business so that I could just work from home all together. I figured by driving just locally I would at least be in the position to have more time at home for the time being. Needless to say, all of my problems have now been solved. I was able to retired from the trucking industry (as of March, 1st 2008) at the age of 38 (now 39). I now spend as much time as I like with my family. I'm home daily. I now earn even more than I did over the road and my weight/health issues have drastically improved.

Let the TRUTH be known!
Was I lucky? Not hardly. Was I prepared? Absolutely. Locally, I drove for another 2 years before finding the right home businesses opportunity but it was only because of my willingness not to give up that drove me those extra miles (no pun intended). I dragged my laptop with me everywhere I went. I studied website building, internet marketing, search engine optimization, etc. After all of that, I found companies where I didn't even need to know about all of those things but it certainly did help. I worked my new home businesses while driving locally for another year (from February 2007 to March 2008) until my online income had surpassed my trucking income. The best choice that I've ever made was to learn all about the health & wellness industry (nutrition), domain name hosting / registration & network marketing.

I thought, "Since I already know about websites and such, why not create a site for my fellow truck drivers and other people who want to make an EASY extra income!" ... a site where I could share my experiences as a trucker AND as a home business owner. So here I am... about to introduce to you an EXTREMELY affordable way to start earning money online.

I was featured in Home Business Connection (page 36) in February's (2008) edition. This was, of course, just before I handed in my trucking keys. I've made numerous accomplishments in reaching my financial goals and everything else that I could ever dream of. All of this happened through determination, NOT luck. My point is... Don't wait on luck. IF you're going to "pray" about something then don't pray about getting lucky in the next lottery drawing because chances are it won't happen. Pray for "awareness" and the "ability" to take in and comprehend the knowledge of what it really takes to be financially successful in life. I honestly believe that this is the best advice I could ever give someone who blames the world for their misfortunes.

Well, I don't want to jabber on all day about me. I'd like to help those who really can use my assistance in starting a legitimate home business. Below you will see a GREEN TICKET. It may very well be your "Ticket to Success". I am NOT a some scam artist who will promise you the world. I will honestly tell you right now that it will really depend on you and what you do with the information that comes to you after filling out the form. However, I will always be here to answer any questions that you may eventually have.

Once or if you decide to fill out the form you will be taken to an "animated" movie which explains a little about the business. You'll learn what the products are and how much you could potential earn. But best of all... You will be shocked to find out that this business will never cost you over $10 per month. By the way, you will also get a 7 day free trial. This shows you that the company has nothing to hide. They have been featured in INC 500 Magazine and they have customers in over 180 countries around the world. I say this now just to let you know that this is a REAL business.

I'll be contacting you within the next 24 hours after you've filled out the form. Oh, be sure to read my special promotion below the ticket. This is my way of making sure that you WILL NOT lose money with this business:-)

May God Be With You Always!

Please Fill Out Completely

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3 days 2 nights - Relax up to 22 times per year a different locations!Anyone who joins (using the links above) and upgrades after the 7 day FREE trial will receive FREE 3 day 2 night accommodations directly from ME personally (Registration & Taxes Apply). All you'll need to do is contact me by phone or email to let me know that you are a paid member and I will send it to you immediately! You will receive my full contact information immediately after you join as a FREE 7 day trial member. By the way, there are 22 destinations to choose from and you could visit each of these locations once per year if you so choose. That's 22 paid accommodations yearly and you've just paid 10 bucks!

Hold on... That's NOT enough! I really do want you to give this business an honest try for at least ONE year. So what I'll do is... IF you stay with the business for at least one year and are NOT able to earn at least an extra $500 per month then I will GIVE you my best selling vacation incentive product. What about 8 day 7 night LUXURY accommodations that you can use once per year every single year for life? I know that many people who join this company will earn much more than $500 per month but I don't don't want to mislead my customers who may be a little slower than others. As I mentioned, it will be up to you how much you earn but $500 should be fairly easy for anyone. Some will earn that much in bonuses alone. This is a real business where real products and services are sold. But the bottom line here is that you're spending $10 per month for one year ($120) and whether you build your business or not you walk away with some VERY nice incentives that you can use for a lifetime just for giving this a try. I'll even show you how to build your own business using these same incentives without YOU having to pay for them.

Remember this is an INC 500 company with customers in over 180 countries so there should be no fear of the company's credibility or a fear of NOT getting paid on your sales. Also FYI, they have done business with other internet giants such as Yahoo, Intel, Cisco, Dell Computer, etc (just to name a few). I've made this as much of a NO RISK business opportunity for you as possible with the resources that I have access to. So if you're ready then please take the time to fill out the ticket above. That will bring you to the 7 minute animated presentation. Once I see that you are in, I will send you a FULL 50 minute presentation along with some testimonials from REAL people just like YOU and ME. Then I will give you a personal call to see if you have any questions at all. If it's not for you then you won't have to worry about me PRESSURE selling you. That's certainly not my style as there are certainly thousands of other people who would love the chance to get in on this NO RISK home business opportunity.

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